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Cupcake Cake Pop Up Card

cupcake pop up card

This cupcake cake birthday pop up card is constructed on an origamic architecture base of square steps. (By the way, a cupcake cake is a "cake" made from a pile or group of cupcakes. Some people really hate them!)

You can see the similarity of the base to that of a card I made previously, the retro toy shop card.

toy shop pop up card

How to make a cupcake cake pop up card

Cutting file templates:
Download cupcake base card template: PDF, SVG, Studio, DXF.

Click here for tutorial for using my files in Cricut Design Space.

For this particular file in Cricut Design Space:  set all horizontal lines to score, set the yellow rectangle to no cut--it is a guide for placing the cut on the 8.5" x 11" page.
cupcake cake base card

Cut and score by hand or machine. Black lines are cut lines. Red lines are score lines.

Pop the steps forward. Work one tier at a time, starting at either the top or bottom. Use one finger on the back of the card to push a step forward, creasing the score lines as you push. Keep pushing, creasing, and easing the steps into position. Eventually you will be able to collapse the whole tier forward and crease the score lines well.

cupcake pop up card

Glue cupcakes to the front of each block.

For the cupcakes I used a free template from Melanie of MeFlick Cricut and More. Resize the cupcakes to fit on the blocks, which are .75" square. I made mine a little wider than the block, and tall enough for the cake part to be just above the top of the block. (This keeps the cake top from bumping into the adjacent block.)

The base card is brown. I backed it with a flowered paper which you can see peeking through behind the cupcakes.

cupcake pop up card

cupcake pop up card

cupcake pop up card

Yes, it folds flat!

Belen used PostalPix for her card.

This one was sent to me by Carolyn. Here's what she says about this card: It is for my Dad's 85th birthday (and, yes, there are 85 candles). The candle stamp is from a Stampabilities set and also includes a cupcake exactly the right size to use. I am going to make another card with candles for a friend's 76th birthday with a "76 Trombone" theme. I also have die that will cut a "present" exactly the right size too. I think that will be for my Mother.

cupcake cake

This one is by Donna.

Here's Shelley's with Hanukkah candles and her SCUT file.

Hanukkah candles pop up card