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Jul 3, 2012

Junk Mail Stellated Icosahedron

I wanted to make something patriotic, which made me think of the red and blue mirror I made from tubes rolled from magazine pages,
starburst mirror
which made my think to look for some interesting things made from drinking straws.
Also, you all probably know I'm a sucker for anything based on a Platonic solid, right? So first I saw these constructions, and then I found my project in an old LIFE magazine: the stellated icosahedron.

It's really hard to see, from the picture, what the star looks like. If it were solid it would resemble this one.
Stellated Icosahedron.
To make this project you will need
--90 paper tubes or drinking straw pieces: 30 3" tubes and 60 4" tubes
--2 skeins of embroidery floss (or other thick thread or thin twine that knots well)
--a long thin piece of wire to make into a "needle"
The LIFE magazine project starts on page 85. I also used these directions but I tried to work out a threading pattern that was a little more efficient--not just stringing and tying each individual straw.
If you scroll down on the NMSU site to the icosahedron, there's a flat construction pattern for the inner shape. You would have to back-track through some pieces with the thread, but it looks fairly straightforward.

How to make the paper tubes

Decide on a color scheme and tear pages from your recycling bin: magazines, or coupon inserts, or ads. Most of the blue I used came from a P&G coupon insert, and the red came from a Macy's ad insert.
For the inner portion you need 30 tubes, which is 7.5 pages. For the star points you need 60 tubes--15 pages.
Cut pages into quarters (which I will refer to as "squares", but they won't necessarily be square). You don't have to be too precise about this as you are going to trim the tubes to size.
If you want to choose your colors very precisely, cut your pieces with your chosen color on two adjacent edges of the page, as that is what will show. If your page has a frame-like outer border you get a candy stripe! (Time Magazine covers make candy cane striped tubes.)
starburst mirror
Flip a square wrong side up.
starburst mirror
Turn the square on the diamond with the point where the two "best" colored sides meet (marked with an X) furthest from you.
Rub a glue stick on the point furthest from you (X marks the spot), and along the two sides that meet at that point. Also run a stripe of glue somewhere between the right and left points (horizontally). You don't have to be too exact about this.
starburst mirror
Roll the paper around a knitting needle (I used a size 5) or dowel or whatever you have. Start with the point closest to you and roll tightly toward the far (glued) point.
starburst mirror
As you roll the "best" edges will wind down the tube toward the center.
starburst mirror
Cut off the ragged (pointed) ends of the tubes, then trim tubes to size. I made the inner (red) tubes 3" long and the star points (blue) 4".
Here are some photos of the stringing process.

Once all the tubes are strung and tied, trim excess thread ends and tuck them into the straw ends, securing with a drop of glue. I neatened all the places where the straw ends came together and puts drops of glue there, too.

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Dec 21, 2011

Space Invaders Spider Woven Card

8 bit woven space invader Christmas card
This card uses Froebel weaving to create the Space Invader spider.

I borrowed the spider design from boredgamegirl and changed the hat a tiny bit.

Review the weaving instructions in this Valentine post if you don't know how to follow the weaving pattern. Note that in this pattern the weavers go side to side, not up and down.

How to weave the Space Invader spider

Download and print the PDF slit pattern onto a 8.5" x 11" piece of card stock. (Click the link, then click FILE, then DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL)

Cut the slits with a craft knife, cutting ever so slightly beyond the printed ends of each slit. Normally I would make a cutting machine file, but this is so small it seemed silly.

woven space invader Christmas card

Cut 1/4" weavers of green and red paper.

Weave the red weavers first, then the green.
woven space invader Christmas card
On the wrong side, trim and tape down the weavers every few rows.

In the two rows where the green strips go over the red ones at the back, trim the red strips and bend them back, under the green weavers.
woven space invader Christmas card
Crease the card stock in half both ways. With the spider in the bottom right-hand quadrant, trim off the top left-hand quadrant.

woven space invader Christmas card

Fold down the top right-hand quadrant behind the spider and glue it down to cover the back of the weaving.
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Dec 2, 2011

Woven Star

papermatrix woven star

My fellow paper enthusiast, Lene, at PaperMatrix has come up with yet another phenomenal twist on a classic paper star construction.

I changed it up even further by cutting the pieces from vintage sheet music and a graphic from an old song book cover.

How to make a star from five woven sections

Cut pieces from Lene's template. Assemble the five star points by weaving the pieces together in the same way you would make a valentine basket.

Follow Lene's instructions for creating creases in each section. Fold them so each piece should has a V shape at the top of the weaving, as shown in this picture from her post. Papermatrix star
Crease and uncrease the glue tabs along the top of each V (in the picture it's grey).

I discovered along the way that all the gluing can be done FLAT. So much easier than sticking two sections together, clamping them, waiting for them to dry...attaching the next section and so forth.
Spread glue on the glue tabs (only the tabs that are face up) of one section. Stack another section right on top of it, aligning the two pieces on all edges.

papermatrix woven star

Now spread glue on the tabs of that section, and stack a third section on top of it. Continue until you have glued and stacked the five section.

papermatrix woven star

Clamp or weight and allow to dry thoroughly.

Pull the star open, meeting section one to section five and tie together as in Lene's instructions.

Or try what I did, which was to lace the weave on the edges together with clear fishing line. I ran the line up through the star so I could hang it with a point up.
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Jul 3, 2011

Woven QR code

QR code woven birthday card

QR (quick response) codes are readable by smart phones or other bar code readers. (You've probably seen them in advertisements.) The encoded information can by almost any kind of data like text or a URL.

Some fun QR codes I've seen were made from food,yarn, fabric, and sand.

So, why not paper?

I decided to make a simple woven design with 1/4" strips. I chose light blue instead of white, just to see if it would have enough contrast to work.

First, I generated the QR code for a simple text message (Happy Birthday!), with QR Code Platform.

A QR code can be anywhere from 21 rows and columns up to 177. Simpler messages generate smaller codes than complex messages. Mine is 25 rows and columns.

QR code Happy Birthday

I printed out the resulting image. If I had been smarter, I would have sized the printout to make the blocks 1/4". It would have so much simpler to check each row but just lining it up against the printed version. Alas!

Cut slits across the black paper, every 1/4", but do not cut through the edges. It helps keep the weaving tight if the black parts aren't flapping around untethered.

QR code birthday card

Cut 1/4" strips from a light colored paper. Then, weave away!

QR code paper birthday card

When it's done, push all the weavers together, nice an tight.

QR code weaving birthday card

Test it to see if it reads. If you don't have a smart phone you can download a code reader from QuickMark.

Mine didn't work the first time because I had made a mistake in weaving. Good to check before you glue! (You can either unweave and re-weave a mistake, or correct it by gluing a square or bar of the correct color on top of the mistake).

Glue to a backing card and trim the edges.

QR code woven birthday card

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Feb 7, 2011

Valentine Treat Pocket

valentine pocket
Similar to the bat and spider pockets I made in the fall, this favor holder is made by weaving a triangular pocket (polka dotted) through shaped slits in a flat heart-shaped piece (pink).

Download template PDF or DXF1, DXF2 or SVG1, SVG2

valentine favor pocket
valentine treat holder
Assemble using instructions from Halloween Treat Pocket post.
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Feb 2, 2011

Froebel Weaving Valentine Candy Basket

froebel weaving

There's a whiff of "great minds think alike" to this project. I was scrolling through valentine bags, boxes, and containers and I saw a picture of this project from Martha Stewart.

This morning, what should show up on my blog roll, but the same candy holder! (From Denise at Paper Pastime.)

What I was really looking for was a project I could try some Froebel weaving on.

I can hear the groans from cyberspace now. "What the heck is Froebel weaving??"

Friedrich Froebel (or Fröbel) was an educator who more or less invented the concept of kindergarten.

Read more about him here, and scroll down to see examples of weaving. Remember making woven placemats as a child? The technique of cutting slits in a piece of paper and weaving strips of paper through those slits is Froebel weaving!

How to make the Froebel Woven Heart
Download cutting files: SVG, PDF, Silhouette Studio, DXF.

Cut out the heart outline and the slits. If you use the SVG, add the score lines as shown in green.

froebel weaving

Cut paper strips. Following the picture, weave the strips through the slits.

froebel heart

froebel weaving

froebel weaving

Trim the ends of the strips on the wrong side.

froebel weaving

Fold the top ends down and glue them, and smooth the bottom ends (near the point of the valentine) down toward the point and glue down. You want to make this neat as it will be visible inside the basket.

froebel weaving

Refer to Martha's directions for folding and finishing the basket.

froebel weaving

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Jan 17, 2011

Woven Paper Discs

These little circles are quick and easy to make.

woven paper circle

There was a garland of woven discs by Papermode all over the Web just before Christmas.

woven paper garland

I kept thinking the weave looked vaguely familiar and finally made the connection back to plastic lace lanyard weaving. (Depending on when and where you grew up, you may remember it as Rexlace, gimp, or Boondoggle.)

While I have no great burning desire to make enough for a 16' garland, I did make enough to lace together for a bracelet.

woven paper bracelet

How to weave a paper disc

Cut 4 strips of paper. Length needs to be somewhere between 14 and 15 times as long as the width. (3/4" wide by 11" long would be good for the garland discs. I used 3/8" by 6" for bracelet size discs).
Fold each strip in half.

woven disc

Weave together to form center square. If you don't know how to do this, detailed instructions are here.

woven disc
woven disc

Turn woven square on the diamond.

Start diagonal weaving first side. Pull top strip straight down (blue). The edge of the strip will be on the center line of the diamond.

woven disc

Pull second strip (olive green) straight across from right to left.

woven disc

Pull third strip up (lighter blue).

Pull last strip (bright green) across from left to right and slide under the first strip. Pull strip through and tighten.

woven disc

woven disc

Flip weaving over and weave the back side the same as the front. Weave the longer strips, the one you did not use on the front. When you finish, the two strips of the same color will be stacked, one on top of the other.

woven disc

Now, before weaving a second time, you will mark where the strips will be trimmed off.
Pull the upper and lower strips across in the position they will be woven.
woven disc

Pull the side strips across, also in the position they will be woven.

woven disc

Mark the first set of strips where the second set crosses.

woven disc

Unfold the strips.

Now fold the side strips across first, and then the top and bottom strips. Mark where the strips cross.

woven disc

Unfold all the strips and cut on the lines you marked.

woven disc

Weave the strips.

woven disc

Flip the piece over. Fold and mark the cut lines on the strips.

woven disc

woven disc

woven disc

Trim the strips and weave.

woven disc

woven paper circle

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