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Nov 10, 2017

Sliceform Christmas Tree with Angled Slices

Why is this sliceform papercraft tree special?  The slices fan out from the center axis at increasing angles rather than being perpendicular to the center slice.

Sliceform pop up card Christmas tree

Compare to this conventional Christmas tree sliceform pop up card with perpendicular slices.

Assembly is like any sliceform.  Because this cut file is designed to be a pop up card, I have configured the slots to lock the pieces so they won't fall apart even if you turn the card upside down and shake it!

Make it!

Feb 27, 2015

New York, New York, It's a Wonderful Pop Up Card

This is a wonderful New York skyline pop up greeting card by Popupology.

I opened their pdf in CorelDraw and added color to the buildings in several shades of grey. The grey gives the buildings more depth, I think, although you can't really see it in the photo.

I printed the card, then cut and scored it with my Silhouette Cameo using registration marks. This design would be easy to hand cut, as well.

A new (to me) trick that I used on the "Happy Birthday" on the front of the card was to apply a sheet of double stick adhesive to the glitter paper before cutting the letters.

For this card I used a sheet that is labeled "3M 468MP 200MP Adhesive" which I got as a free sample from Lane Graphics, a producer of membrane switches, PCB switch assemblies, and graphic overlays. They will send you a grab bag of scraps of various adhesive types for $3.29, which is mostly to cover the cost of postage. Visit them on ebay for grab bags as well as larger quantities of adhesive. Cool stuff for crafters, and it keeps the scraps out of landfill!

To cut the letters on my card, I peeled off one side of the backing on the adhesive and adhered it to the back side of my silver glitter card stock. I wanted to cut it glitter side down, but the glitter side would not adhere to my cutting mat, so I ended up taping it to the mat all around the edges.

First time out I forgot to mirror the letters, but I got it on the second try. For Cameo users who are curious, I cut it with the knife set at depth 5, using the "magnet sheet" setting.

After cutting, I popped all the letters out of the backing.

I laid the "negative" of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY cutout on my card and used it as a guide to place the letters perfectly. Position the card front under the cutout and tape both pieces down to your work surface with low tack tape. Peel the backing off the letters one at a time and place them in the cutouts.  When you are done placing the letters carefully pull off the tape and the stencil.

Nov 7, 2014

Wedding in a Barn Pop Up Card

I made this custom greeting card to match the wedding venue.  The best photo I could find of the barn was not that great, and I didn't want to ask the couple for one.

Word was the bride was planning to wear cowboy boots and a denim jacket over her dress, so I added those details to the silhouette.

origamic architecture barn pop up card

What a challenging design.  The porch roof, gah!  It took me one entire Saturday to engineer that.

As always, I struggled with what to put on the front of the card.  It's not my strong point.

bow front card

The construction of the pop up card is interesting.  The card is folded into thirds, rather than in half.  The porch is cut on the top panel.  This top panel folds down behind the middle panel (the part with the barn).  The bottom third of the card is the floor, where the "best wishes" sentiment is.

barn origamic architecture card

There is a long horizontal slit in the middle panel allowing the entire porch to slide through from the back.  The roof is doubled, with a fold line at the front edge.

With the porch in place, the pillars are then affixed through slits in the floor.

The rest is a standard origamic architecture folded design.

I am not offering this template for two reasons: mostly, because I would like it to be unique for the couple who received it, but also because the thought of cleaning up the template and writing coherent instructions makes me want to just go lie down for awhile.

Here are some illustrations, however, to give you an idea how the construction works. 

This is my initial draft from the photo I found.  First I had to draw a straight-on view from an angled photo. 

beginning to work on pop up card

Here I have done some work on the porch.  I was trying to get the placement right and working on the colors.

barn pop up wedding card template

Final pattern.  You can see I made the pillars much fatter because in my first prototype the skinny pillars crumpled when the card was closed.

barn pop up template

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Jun 13, 2014

Cake Slice Pop Up Card

This origamic architecture  pop up card of a slice of cake can be made in white; or in any colors you choose, as a print and cut.

slice of cake pop up card open

Relatively easy to hand cut if you don't have a cutting machine!

How to make a cake slice pop up card

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.99.

slice of cake pop up card pattern
numerals for cake slice pop up card

Download cutting files: pdf, svg (can be used with Cricut Design Space), dxf, Silhouette Studio.
 Adjust colors as desired, or select and delete the color-filled objects for a more traditional all-white origamic architecture look.

The Silhouette Studio file already has registration marks.

Cut numerals as desired.  If you are using a single digit, delete one set numeral slots and move the other set horizontally to be centered on the cake slice.

Crease at top and bottom of each numeral, and across the strut as indicated by red lines.

Cut and score the cake.  Cut vertical lines, score horizontal lines.  Cut the horizontal slots for the numeral pieces.

Folding Hints

From the back of the card, pinch along the two horizontal scored lines on either side of the cake piece.  This prefolds the crease that will form the center fold line of the card.

Pinch along the long top crease.

With the card partially folded shut, and working from the back, start pushing the little slices forward.  Encourage the card to collapse, pushing each little section to coax each crease to fold.

Open the card to 90° and insert the numeral tabs into the slots.  Tape or glue the tabs to the back of the card.

slice of cake pop up card numeral slots

Leaving the card open to 90°, dry fit it into a backing card.  Identify the parts of the card that touch the backing, and those that do not.

See this post for more information about gluing this kind of card into a backing.

Spread glue on the back of the card, around the edges of the folded part, on the parts of the card that touched the backing when the card was at 90 degrees.  No glue should be on the back of the colored parts that pop forward to form the cake slice.

Insert the card into the backing and adhere.

Answering Lynne's question from the comment section: here the card is open 90° and placed with the left side of the card on a table.  You are looking down on it. (Under the card is a piece of white paper, under the white paper is the black table surface.)  The sides of the cake are made up of a series of slats that you can see through when the card is sideways.

I made a quilt square front from a variety of origami papers, some of which I ran through my embosser.

origami paper quilt collage card front

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Oct 24, 2013

Quick Halloween Silhouette Cards

All of the shapes used on these silhouette cards are from the dingbat font ILL OCtoBer.

After arranging the Halloween motifs to my satisfaction, I added a frame and welded everything together with CorelDraw.

The effect is like scherenschnitte paper cutting, but far easier to design.

Flat front cards

Halloween silhouette cards

Window pop up cards

pop up owl card
Halloween pumpkin black cat card

Download files: PDF, DXF, Silhouette Studio, SVG

Files download for free; contribute what you wish to support this blog.  Suggested amount for this design: $1.00.

How to assemble flat front card

For all files black lines are cut lines, red lines are score lines. Cut the file, fold on the score line, and back the silhouette with contrasting paper. I used origami paper.

How to assemble window style pop up card

See this post for more information about folding window pop up cards.

For all files black lines are cut lines, red lines are score lines.

Cut the file. With the right side of the card facing you, crease the score lines.

The top horizontal line is a valley fold. The next score line down is a mountain fold. The two small creases forming the center fold line of the card are valley folds. The bottom horizontal line is a valley fold.

owl silhouette window card

Back the window with contrasting paper if you wish.

Remember to fold the backing paper into an L shape to cover the opening on the bottom of the card as well as the opening on the upright portion of the card!

Glue the window pop up into a base card of coordinating or contrasting color. See an example here.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: pop up cards, movable and mechanical cards, digital crafts and unusual papercrafts.