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Jun 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Cat Pop Up Card

I'm a big fan of cards from kagisippo.  When I needed a cat pop up card I checked out her offerings.  Indeed, she has a cat card for free, but it's gray, and I wanted brown.  Off to her etsy store!

happy birthday cat pop up card kagisippo pattern

The pay version is a different design from the free one, which I did not realize until I started working on it.  On the one I purchased, the back of the card is essentially unfinished.  You can see the pop up mechanism, and the unprinted card stock on the back of the head and body.  So....after  I had the entire card constructed, I reverse engineered a cat body to cover the "offending raw edges."  That was challenging.  It came out well, considering!

I printed mine on beige paper.  On the cat body piece that I created, I sponged a little brown ink to blend it in with the rest of the cat.

added back piece to kagisippo cat pop up

If you have purchased this file and would like to make a back for it,
click here to download a pattern for the cat back in PDF format.  It looks like this.

cat pop up card back pattern

Follow the assembly directions that come with the cat, through step 3.  You will have finished putting together the back pop up mechanism.

(FYI: The left tab of the cat back piece will be adhered right where my thumbnail is.)

complete cat pop up card mechanism

Fold piece in half vertically.

cat pop up card assembly

Cut out a back piece.
Decorate as desired.
Score and crease dotted lines.

cat pop up card back assembly

Overlap and glue at the center top.

cat pop up card back assembly

Fold in half vertically.

cat pop up card back assembly

Use tabs to adhere cat back to the cat body pop up mechanism.  Apply adhesive to tabs and adhere to the back of the front layer.

cat pop up card back assembly

cat pop up card back assembly

Expand the pop up mechanism--the two box-like "feet"-- and it will look like this from the back.

cat pop up card with added back

 Continue card assembly with step 4.

 The double sided card stock used throughout is from a pack called Watercolor Garden.

23rd birthday card front

May 15, 2018

Mother's Day Window Card

The card I made for Mother's Day this year is more of an ornament.
It's a window card, made to hang in a window.

The windows are cut out on both the front and back to allow light through.

 The front windows open to reveal the dog and pitchers of flowers.

This is the back.

The pattern is from Blomsterklip by Gitte Schou Hansen.  I used CorelDRAW to re-create it as a vector file which allowed me to resize objects to suit my needs and to fit around the dog photo, and then to machine cut.

May 13, 2018

Graduation Gown Card

My version of a popular graduation gown card, with pearls at the neckline, and a mortar board.

Black card stock
Yellow card stock
Skin-tone card stock
Card stock in your color choice for sentiment frame and tassel
Card base, 6" x 12"
Adhesive pearls, or shank buttons
Glue dot
Foam adhesive squares

How to make a graduation gown card

May 12, 2018

Graduation Cap Gift Box

How to make an easy graduation cap gift box or money holder

New cutting files and assembly video!

Easy to fold box and lid with mortar board top can hold money or a small gift.

U.S. paper money, rolled up, fits diagonally in the box. If the height of your currency is larger than 2.75" (about 7cm) you will need a larger box.

May 8, 2018

Rainbow Double Wedding Ring Card

I loved Flaun Cline's (of I Plead Quilty ) White Wedding quilt so much that I made a wedding card version of it.  If you're a quilter, you will recognize the design as a portion of a double wedding ring pattern. 

How to make a double wedding ring rainbow card