Pop Ups: Tutorials for Basic Forms

--How to Make Pop Ups for Cards or Books-- A series of tutorials with free templates to help you learn the techniques of pop up card and pop up book construction. Whether simple or complex, pop ups are built from a few basic mechanisms.  Scroll down to see suggested books on how to make pop up cards, mechanical cards, sliceforms, and origamic architecture.

Tutorial 1: How to make Simple Box pop ups
Tutorial 2: How to make Box Variation pop ups
Tutorial 3: How to make V-Fold pop ups
Tutorial 4: How to make pop up cards with Boxes Cut Separately
Tutorial 5:  How to make pop up Boxes with Tabs and Slots
Tutorial 6:V-Fold Tabs and Slots for pop up cards and books
Tutorial 7:  How to make Pop Up Words Part 1
Tutorial 8: How to make Pop Up Words Part 2
Tutorial 9: How to make Pop Up Words Part 3Tutorial 10: How to make Pop Up Words Part 4
Tutorial 11: How to make X Style (Slotted Shapes) pop ups
Tutorial 12: How to make Slotted X with Strap pop ups�…

2006 Extreme Christmas Card

A Hundred Dollar Present

2007 Extreme Christmas Card

2008 Extreme Christmas Card

2009 Extreme Christmas Card

2010 Extreme Christmas Card