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THANK YOU Sliceform Pop Up Card

Discussion on the Cardmaking group on Facebook -- about how to replicate a commercially available card design -- led me to create my own version of a sliceform pop up card with the words "Thank You."


--Cardstock for card base: cut to  8.5" x 5.5"  (blue)
--Cardstock for pop up sliceform: you'll need another half sheet of 8.5" x 11" (purple)
--A third paper is optional, to cut decorative letters (floral)

--Click to download file set: Silhouette Studio, PDF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space). Files download for free. A huge thank you to the many readers who support my site with a small contribution. Pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site.   Suggested contribution for this project is $2.00.

Finished size of the card is 4.25" x 5.5".  

Assembly Instructions

Cut pieces and sort. 

If you're adding decorative letters, do that now, to the front THANK (without tabs) and the front YOU (it's the one with the slots top-bottom-bottom-top).  It's the bottom one is this picture.

Note that the back piece (THANK) has a glue tab, and one small cross piece has a glue tab.  Also notice that the top of each cross pieces is longer that the bottom.  Be careful not to slot these in upside down!

Start slotting the slices together working from the center out.
Use the two identical short cross pieces, the front THANK and the back YOU.

Cross piece added between H and Y.  

Cross piece added from N to U.

Add the front YOU piece.

Decide which way you want the sliceform to be angled when the card opens.
To have it look like this, the short piece with the glue tab goes on the far right. 

To have it face the other direction, like this, the short piece with the glue tab goes on the far left.

Fold the glue tab on the short piece up (toward the outside.)
Slide on those two remaining cross pieces. 

Fold up the glue tabs of the remaining THANK piece toward the front ( the inside).  Slide this piece into place.

Now the card base.
Fold the base card in half.  
Measure down 1.75" and make a pencil dot in the crease.  (Ignore that the picture below has it further down than that.)

Lightly pencil the 45 degree angle out from that dot.  I use a piece of square paper folded in half as a guide.

Flatten the sliceform.  Check that the gluetabs on your long side come up to the dot when you lay the sliceform in the card.  If they don't, you need to open it back up and flatten it the other direction.

Spread adhesive on the glue tabs or along the pencil line.

Either on these tabs...

... or along the line

Line up the crease of the tabs with your penciled line, with the top point of the piece on the dot in the crease.
Push down the tabs onto the card, gluing them in place.

Spread adhesive on the inside of the little tab of the small end piece.  The inside is where the arrow is pointing, not the side where my finger is.

Push the glued tab open.  Do not glue it down on top of the tabs of the long side.  In this case that would be toward the left/ toward my finger.

Close the card.  The glue tab will find its own place on the card and glue itself to the correct spot.  No guesswork!

Allow to dry under a weight.

When you open the card, the long tab will be hidden inside the sliceform.

The little tab will be visible