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The Wheel

Extreme Christmas Card 2022

The choices for the closet of anxiety were many, this year.

The envelope hints at the theme.

The front of the card.  Read this out loud in an excited! announcer! voice.

The inside.  Read this with enthusiasm, too.

The spinner mechanism in action.  

The spinner is made from a plastic cotton swab stick.  Such a clever idea, and it makes a rivet that is flat enough to go through the mail without extra postage.

How to make a plastic rivet spinner from a cotton swab.  (Not my video).

Every year I think I'm out of ideas, but one morning I woke up and remembered I dreamed about Wheel of Fortune.  Truthfully, I think I hijacked my niece's short film idea, but I didn't put 2 & 2 together until I was stuffing cards into envelopes and saw her name and thought...oh, duh.  

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