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How to Make Pop Up Cards - Asymmetrical V Fold Pivot - Lesson 17

Pop Up Card Techniques: Asymmetrical V-Fold Pivot

How to Make Pop Up Cards Tutorial
This is Lesson 17 in a series of step by step tutorials on How to Make Pop Ups. 

Another way to create a rotating element with a 45° v-fold.

How to Make Pop Up Cards, Tutorial Level of Difficulty: Advanced

v fold pop up

The basic V fold pop up is a powerful pivot, able to rotate a design element a full 90 ° as the card opens.

In this lesson we will make an asymmetrical V pivot.

This mechanism is useful for moving a design piece side to side across the face of the card.

Start with a rectangular piece of paper. Mark off tabs on both ends. Fold the rectangle, the short way, at any place along the rectangle.

 This illustration shows a rectangle folded approximately on the 1/4 mark. Draw (or imagine) squares the same size as the width of the smaller folded part. Pull the corner down to form a diagonal fold across the square. Unfold.

Push in center of V fold to invert. This real-life example is folded approximately on the 1/3 mark.

Gluing v-pivot to card.

Flatten v-pivot and tuck tabs underneath. Turn upside down. Align center of pivot and center of base card. Lightly mark guidelines on card, along edges of v-pivot mechanism.

Turn right side up and apply glue to tabs. Glue to card, lining up sides with pencil marks.

Close card, pushing v-fold back toward card fold.

Cut out some arm or flag shaped pieces. Affix them to different places on the V and see what happens when you open and close the card. (If you use some not-so-sticky tape, like painter's tape, you can easily peel off the pieces and move them around.)

This flag folds rises from behind the longer part of the rectangle.

Here is is tucked behind the rectangle.

Top view of the pop up card.Does this look familiar?

It's an asymmetrical box with the corner pushed in!