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Feb 7, 2018

Eclipse Card with Valentine Hearts

An eclipse card is a dimensional card made by cutting letter or shape windows, and popping up the cutouts from each window with foam dots or tape.  The "eclipse" refers to the drop shadow effect created by backing the windows with black or dark colored paper.

valentine hearts eclipse card front

Creating an eclipse card is fairly easy, but take a moment to think through the order that the layers will go in as you create the card.

General directions:

Use or create a heavy card stock to cut the shapes from.  For this particular card, I first ran the (flimsy) decorative paper through my Xyron machine and adhered it to card stock.

Cut your shapes or words from the card front.  Save the cutouts.

Back the cutout windows in the card front with black or dark paper.

Use dimensional foam tape or dots to adhere each cutout shape in its matching window.

Adhere the card front to your card base.

valentine eclipse dimensional card side view

Jan 16, 2018

February Tent Calendar

Desktop trifold tent calendar for February 2018

February 2018 tent card

The heart design is edge cut at the top fold, and backed with white, allowing the calendar to show through the window cut-out.

front of tent card calendar

back view showing white cardstock backing on calendar

How to make a print and cut standing calendar for February 2018

Download files.  

Click to download file set: Silhouette Studio, PDF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space).

Files download for free. A huge thank you to the many readers who support my site with a small contribution when downloading.  Pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. 
Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

Print and cut calendar backing page 

Silhouette Studio: use registration marks.

Video  showing how to set up this page for print and cut in Cricut Design Space.

Cut heart page

Green lines are score lines / dashed cut lines.

In Cricut Design Space, click each of the top four green lines in the layers menu and change to score.  Select all layers.  Attach. Cut.

Assemble Tent

Crease card on score lines.

red cardstock cut

Apply glue around the window, the letter cut-outs, and the heart cut-outs.

glue diagram for tent calendar

Adhere white piece to the back, matching heart edges.

February calendar glued in place

Spread glue on the long tab.

glue for tab on February tent calendar

Glue calendar into a tent shape.  I used a ruler to hold the tab down while it dried.

ruler holding tab in place

Optional: adhere small heart to center of large heart.

optional center heart on calendar

Jan 6, 2018

Pile of Hearts Pop Up Card Files Updated

The cutting file set for this old favorite has been updated to work better with Cricut Design Space and newer Studio versions.  Check it out!

Pile of Hearts tutorial and cutting files

This Valentine pop up card is surprisingly easy to make.

Dec 30, 2017

Matchbox Slider Pop Up Card

Valentine matchbox slider pop up card

This little box is a combination pop up card and treat container or gift card holder.  Perfect for Valentine's Day, a birthday gift,  or any occasion.

Pulling the drawer forward activates the pop up element. 

front of matchbox slider pop up card

When the drawer is closed the pop up decorative element lies flat on the top of the box.

closed matchbox slider pop up card

Video of the completed card showing pop up action.

The inspiration came from a gift card holder made by Danielle of Scrapbook Maven.  She made hers from a commercially available, pre-made box.  Not having such a box in my stash of crafting materials, I made my own cut file version! 

How to make a matchbox slider pop up card and treat box

Aug 4, 2017

Woven Paper Basket Birthday Card

This little paper basket is woven together in the style of the valentine baskets you probably made as a child.

finished woven heart basket with flowers and grass

I put Dove chocolates inside and gave it as a birthday card.

add handle to woven valentine basket

The pattern is from Papermatrix, a site I highly recommend.  

I traced their pattern and cut the pieces with my Silhouette Cameo.  I also used the Cameo to draw the "Happy Birthday" sentiment using the pen holder.

After I finished, I realized I was supposed to layer the grass behind the flowers.  Whoopsie.  A little trimming took care of that so the flowers could peek out.

Layering with the flowers on the bottom does make the inside very pretty, however.

valentine shaped woven basket inside

And then I couldn't get the point to come together properly so I had to cut apart the last strip at the point.  That little bit of grass and the flower is a disguise.

Jan 26, 2016

Pull Tab Valentine Pop Up Card

valentine pop up card front

Pull tab in the center of this valentine heart papercraft and the paper stretches apart to reveal your sentiment.

pull tab valentine heart card

Strategic cuts on the pop up card create a net from the concentric hearts, with a surprise message underneath.

side view valentine net card

How to make a pull tab valentine

Mar 19, 2015

Dedham Pottery Inspired Frame

This Dedham pottery bunny plate inspired frame is a design I've worked on intermittently for several years, mostly because I wasn't sure what it was going to become when I was done!

Dedham pottery plate frame
What it became was a card topper or frame, with a separate backing circle (mine is cut from crackle-design paper).

Here is the square card I made from it.

Dedham bunny plate card

Suitable for Easter or maybe Valentine's Day.
I think the sentiment should be "Some-bunny loves you."  Too corny?

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to connect the elements to the frame, and editing the small white brushstroke details on the rabbits.  Too many and too small details didn't cut or weed well.  Even after I was "done" designing, it took 7 tries at cutting it to get it right, with adjustments to the design after every cut.

Dedham Pottery fails

Let's not discuss the long period during which I was trying to add the crackle lines to the plate in a way that could be machine cut.  So incredibly time consuming to draw and not workable in the end.

Dedham pottery crackle finish

Easy to assemble now that I've done the design work for you :).

Cut the bunny circle from card stock (blue is traditional for Dedham pottery) and back with a circle of distressed-looking off white or taupe to look like a crackle glazed plate.  (Xyron Creative Station
is my secret weapon for adhering intricate cuts like this one.)

Download file set: Silhouette Studio, PDF, DXF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space). Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting has a new domain name!  
All pages now redirect to extremepapercrafting.com from extremecards.blogspot.com.

Feb 11, 2015

Valentine Tea Light Lantern

A little present for your Valentine, an open top tea light paper lantern with hearts.

The hearts are a modification of the lowercase "o" from a dingbat font called SexyRexy-Smitten.

Assembly is the same as for the daisy tea light lantern.

Download Cutting Files: PDF, DXF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space), Silhouette Studio.

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

You may also like these other tealight lanterns:  Halloween ghost  lantern, Halloween pumpkin and catsChristmas tree lantern.

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Feb 6, 2015

Paper Globe of Slide Together Hearts

I ran across an intriguing globe made of slotted triangles on CutOutFoldUp, a sort of ditrigonal icosidodecahedron.  I thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like with heart shapes rather than triangles.  This is what I came up with. 

The perfect polyhedron valentine "card" for a math lover?

3d polyhedron

If you use 5 different colors it is possible to construct a model in which no two hearts of the same color connect to each other.


Can be hand or machine cut.

Download file set: PDF, DXF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space), Silhouette Studio

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

How to construct the slotted heart globe

Cut a total of 20 hearts.  I used 4 each of 5 different colors.

Lay the hearts out on the table.  Check that they are all right side up--that the slots are all in the same orientation. 
paper globe heart slots

Slot together 5 hearts, one of each color.  I slotted the tops of the hearts together on this round.  (Slot 1 slides into slot 2.)

heart slot position

It should look like a star.

start assembling polyhedron star of hearts

The colors are, clockwise, in this order: green, orange, pink, purple, blue.

For the second round, I slotted the next row to the first row, point-to-point.

Working around clockwise, slot a blue heart onto the pink heart, add a green heart to the purple, an orange heart to the blue, a pink heart to the green, a purple heart to the orange. 

second round of paper globe

Third Round.  I attached these top-of-heart to top-of heart.  In the photo below the hearts are laid out between the hearts they will attach to.

third round of hearts assembly

Green attaches to purple and blue of the second round, orange hooks to blue and green, pink goes on green and orange, purple goes on orange and pink,  blue goes on pink and purple. 

When you have finished adding this row the model is starting to look like a ball.

another view of assembly paper globe of hearts

Last round, point-to-point again.

Add the pink to the point of the green heart from the third round, purple to orange, blue to pink, green to purple, orange to blue.

Join the tops of the hearts of the last row, in the same way the first row was joined, forming a star.

The model is now a ball.

Neaten everything up by pushing together any slots that are loose, and you are done!

Assembly video from dutchpapergirl!

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Jan 27, 2015

Valentine Trifold Pop Up Card

open valentine card with conversation hearts

I've had this trifold pop up greeting card sitting on the back burner for a long, long time.  It just wasn't going anywhere!

This was as far as I had gotten with it, years ago.

black and white valentine trifold card

trifold valentine black and white

I dragged it out last week and started messing about with it to make a print-and-cut, but I finally abandoned that.

It's boring, the colors are off, and I don't like that the white from the back of the card shows on the right-hand side.

print and cut prototype trifold valentine

It needed a border.  It needed jazzier colors.  It needed double sided cardstock.

I added lace around the edges and changed the size and tilt of the "valentine" heart to bring it out of hiding.  Much better!

finished valentine trifold card

How to Make a Valentine Trifold Pop Up Card

--Two 12" x 6" sheets of cardstock, one for the lace and a double sided sheet for the card base. 
--Three small pieces of paper or cardstock for the hearts
--Scraps to back the words

Download the file set:  PDF, DXF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space), Silhouette Studio

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.99.

Cut and score the base card. (Cut on black lines, score on red lines.) 
Cut the lace.

Adhere the lace to the left and top edges of the card base.

cut base card and adhere lace

Back the hearts with a contrasting scrap of paper.  Here are some I tried before settling on good old red.

hearts with cut out words

red backing paper conversation hearts

Be sure to save the ever so tiny inside parts of the B and the A and glue them into the letters.

cut out words with filled in letters

Adhere the two smaller hearts to the backing card, aligning them with the heart halves cut in the backing card. 

glue hearts to base card

Close the card and place the large heart so that the word "valentine" is still visible when the card is closed.  Adhere.
place large heart on pop up card

glue large heart in place

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: pop up cards, movable and mechanical cards, digital crafts and unusual papercrafts.