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How to Make Rectangular Box Pop Up Cards {Throwback Thursday}

Welcome to Throwback Thursday week 2! I am digging up, dusting off, and updating posts from the very beginning of Extreme Cards and Papercrafting.

How to Make Pop Up Cards Tutorial
This is Lesson 2 in a series of step by step tutorials on How to Make Pop Ups. 

Rectangular Pop Up Boxes
(cut on the fold)

how to make easy pop ups

The pop up boxes cut in Lesson 1 were symmetrical. Viewed from the side the pop out piece and the card formed a square.

Lesson 2 is a variation in which the pop out piece faces are not identical. Viewed from the side the pop out and the card form a rectangle.

Try this sample.  Print this picture, draw your own on graph paper, or download file set:  Silhouette Studio and SVG.  (How to use my files in Cricut Design Space)

Green lines denote mountain folds. (Mountain folds form an upside down V). Red lines are valley folds (Valley folds form a right-side-up V). Score these lines, then crease. Solid black lines are cut lines.

Here's how these work. The part of the rectangle cut below the card center fold must be the same height as the piece that will form the top (the "roof") of the rectangle.

(Colored yellow on the sample.) Watch what happens to the yellow parts when the pop out is folded. You will see that the bottom of the rectangle is actually formed by the void left by the lower yellow piece.

Do not crease the center fold of the card yet.

Pushing from the back with your finger, pop the rectangles forward as you did in Lesson 1. Lightly pinch the card center fold into place.

Slowly close the card, poking the rectangles from the back if needed.

Give the center fold of the card a good crease now.

Here is the completed pop up. See how different it looks, depending on which way you turn it?

Examples of Asymmetric Rectangular Box Pop Up Cards