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Cricut Design Space and Extreme Cards SVG Files

How to open and use SVG files from Extreme Cards and Papercrafting in Cricut Design Space

Download SVG file. Open Cricut Design Space. In Design Space choose Upload Image.  Browse to the SVG file and select it. After the SVG uploads, select it from the bottom of the upload page and click Insert Image. The SVG will appear in your design window. {Not shown in the video!  The February 2015 update messed with the import size of my SVG files.  They are HUGE!  Click Edit in the menu on the top right of the page.  Resize the design to fit your paper, or you are welcome to email me for size information of specific files.} Click Layers. Each component of the cut file will show up as a separate layer. Scroll down to the bottom of the layers panel and click Ungroup. Now for the tedious fiddly part! First, you need to be able to see the cut and score lines that are not outline (shape) cuts. Depending on the file, sometimes all of the score lines are hiding under these large pieces.

Move anything filled-in with black to the bottom of the layer.  Do this by clicking the layer, then click Arrange (at the top of the page) and Move to Back.  When you have moved the filled-in shapes to the back, the score lines and separate cut lines should be visible on top of the black shapes.

Determine which lines are score lines and which are cut lines by checking the color of the line. In my files I use red and green for score lines, and black or blue for cut lines  If you're still unsure, download and open the PDF file and double check the line colors.

Once you have identified a score line, click the scissor icon on that layer and change it to score.  In Design Space score lines have "no color".  This is helpful as you can see which ones you have changed and which ones you haven't. 

Save and cut!

Last updated 4/8/2015 by Carol.