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Woven Star

papermatrix woven star

My fellow paper enthusiast, Lene, at PaperMatrix has come up with yet another phenomenal twist on a classic paper star construction.

I changed it up even further by cutting the pieces from vintage sheet music and a graphic from an old song book cover.

How to make a star from five woven sections

Cut pieces from Lene's template. Assemble the five star points by weaving the pieces together in the same way you would make a valentine basket.

Follow Lene's instructions for creating creases in each section. Fold them so each piece should has a V shape at the top of the weaving, as shown in this picture from her post. Papermatrix star
Crease and uncrease the glue tabs along the top of each V (in the picture it's grey).

I discovered along the way that all the gluing can be done FLAT. So much easier than sticking two sections together, clamping them, waiting for them to dry...attaching the next section and so forth.
Spread glue on the glue tabs (only the tabs that are face up) of one section. Stack another section right on top of it, aligning the two pieces on all edges.

papermatrix woven star

Now spread glue on the tabs of that section, and stack a third section on top of it. Continue until you have glued and stacked the five section.

papermatrix woven star

Clamp or weight and allow to dry thoroughly.

Pull the star open, meeting section one to section five and tie together as in Lene's instructions.

Or try what I did, which was to lace the weave on the edges together with clear fishing line. I ran the line up through the star so I could hang it with a point up.
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