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Snowflake Braided Cube

plaited cube
A braided (or plaited) cube with any three different seasonal papers makes an attractive ornament. For a silhouette effect use any punches you have or use my cutting file to make a snowflake design. I like how each face of the cube shows a different color combination.
Review the instructions here. I suggest making a plain paper version first to practice the plaiting sequence.
How to make a plaited or braided cube from three papers
Cut 3 strips of paper: 2 strips that are 6 squares long and 1 strip that is 5 squares long. If you are using 12" square scrapbook paper you would have 2" squares.
Or download cutting file PDF or DXF or SVG.
braided cube
Score between the squares and crease.
Punch the strips as shown, if desired, on the 2nd and 4th square from one end.
snowflake ornament
Place one 6-square strip vertically on your work surface. Be sure the end with two unpunched squares is at the top. Spread glue on the two unpunched squares.

Place the 5-square strip horizontally at the top of the 6-square strip and glue them together. Glue the second 6-square strip below the 5-square strip.
plaited cube ornament
Start plaiting the cube. As you braid, the punched squares will always be on top of the unpunched squares.
braided polyhedron
snowflake cutout ornament
snowflake cube
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