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Space Invaders Spider Woven Card

8 bit woven space invader Christmas card
This card uses Froebel weaving to create the Space Invader spider.

I borrowed the spider design from boredgamegirl and changed the hat a tiny bit.

Review the weaving instructions in this Valentine post if you don't know how to follow the weaving pattern. Note that in this pattern the weavers go side to side, not up and down.

How to weave the Space Invader spider

Download and print the PDF slit pattern onto a 8.5" x 11" piece of card stock. (Click the link, then click FILE, then DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL)

Cut the slits with a craft knife, cutting ever so slightly beyond the printed ends of each slit. Normally I would make a cutting machine file, but this is so small it seemed silly.

woven space invader Christmas card

Cut 1/4" weavers of green and red paper.

Weave the red weavers first, then the green.
woven space invader Christmas card
On the wrong side, trim and tape down the weavers every few rows.

In the two rows where the green strips go over the red ones at the back, trim the red strips and bend them back, under the green weavers.
woven space invader Christmas card
Crease the card stock in half both ways. With the spider in the bottom right-hand quadrant, trim off the top left-hand quadrant.

woven space invader Christmas card

Fold down the top right-hand quadrant behind the spider and glue it down to cover the back of the weaving.
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