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3d Christmas Tree Pop Up Card Tutorial

christmas tree pop up card

How to make a card similar to this Christmas tree pop up

The original pattern is not mine to distribute, so I created a reasonable facsimile. You can alter the buildings and the tree design as you like, as long as you keep them approximately the same sizes. (I downloaded a free tree graphic from BeaOriginal and drew the houses myself.)

Download cutting file PDF or SVG (no score lines). Add windows or other details to buildings if you like.

3d christmas tree pop up

Cut on black lines. Score on red lines. SVG users: add center fold score lines, and score lines just above scallops.

Set aside the two loose trees for the moment.

Crease the score lines. Fold the card in half and leave it closed. Fold the scalloped "feet" up (toward the center fold) on one side, then flip the card over and fold up the other scallops. Crease the scallops firmly so they lie flat against the card.

3d christmas tree pop up 1

Slot the two loose trees together.

3d christmas tree pop up 1

Flatten them. The slots at the top and bottom of the trees should be aligned.

Holding the tree sandwich at a 90° angle to the card, slide it through the tree in the card.

3d christmas tree pop up 1

Slot the tops together, then slot the bottoms together. You will have to bend the tree sandwich a little bit to work the bottom slots in.

3d christmas tree pop up 1

Separate the tree layers and flip them back and forth to make sure they swing freely.

3d christmas tree pop up 1

Cut a base card slightly larger than the cut card. I used a half sheet of 8.5" x 11" card stock. Fold the base card in half and then open it flat.

Align the scallop fold with the center fold of the base card. Slide the cut card slightly away from the center fold of the base card. This doesn't have to be exact--just eyeball 1/2 inch or so. (Be careful not to go too far or your tree and buildings will lean toward the center fold in a peculiar way.

3d christmas tree pop up 1

Apply glue or glue tape to the (visible) scalloped foot. Close the card, flip it over, and glue the other scalloped foot. Close the card and allow to dry.

3d christmas tree pop up 1