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3D Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

christmas tree pop up card

I adapted this card from a design by Yuichi Miyoshi. It features a slotted tree that swings out from the cutout.

As far as I can tell, this book is only available from Japan. However, you can download some of Yuichi Miyoshi's designs at Handmade Papercraft Club.

I didn't care for two issues with the the original design. First, the cutout half of the card is not covered when the card is closed. Second, the card tends to tip over when open as there is no foot to support the one side.

So... I converted the interior design to a tent with the buildings on one side of the tent and the tree on the other side of the tent. I added a scalloped foot to the bottom of each tent half and glued these on either side of the center fold of the base card.

3d christmas tree

The card stands well and the delicate cutout design is protected when the card is closed.

christmas tree swing card

Tutorial in the next post!
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