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Sep 27, 2010

Beany Malone Pop Up Card

I'm a big fan of the Beany Malone and Belford series books by Lenora Mattingly Weber. I made pop up cards to give to my fellow Weber-ites at our recent gathering in Washington D.C.

beany malone

Beany and the foliage pop up with simple box mechanisms.

beany malone

The White House and background came from an election card designed by Carol Barton. I used Photoshop to combine Beany's face and the suited girl from a Simplicity pattern envelope.

beany malone

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cg said...

As always, I'm blown away. Where did you get the front card image?

cpeep said...

It's in a desk calendar from the National Gallery of Art.

Crayola58 said...

Blown away is always a very good description of what I see what I visit. Fantastic stuff.

Shoshi said...

This is really cool, Carol! Lovely clean lines! I love the way you've used the dress pattern image... I'm starting to realise that I can't throw ANYTHING away, despite trying to train myself to do just that for the last 20 years! Adore the popup. Great stuff!

cpeep said...

I got dozens of patterns from my mother-in-law. Guess she thought she might use them again one day :)

I gave most of the patterns away, keeping only one box of the oldest and most interesting.

nativetexangirl said...

Love your card!

Monica said...

I love your card and the DC theme. Maybe you could sell themed cards in shadow boxes as works of art! They are beautiful and creative.

kachasek said...

wow, woow, wooowwww!!! you make realy extreme cards!!! they're amazing!!!
I was searching for pop-cards and I'm glad to found your blog :)
thank's for tutorials!!!
hugs from Poland!