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Graduation Cap Gift Box

How to make an easy graduation cap gift box or money holder

New cutting files and assembly video!

Easy to fold box and lid with mortar board top can hold money or a small gift.

U.S. paper money, rolled up, fits diagonally in the box. If the height of your currency is larger than 2.75" (about 7cm) you will need a larger box.

Make It!

One 6.5" square piece of cardstock
One 6" square piece of cardstock
One 3.5"  square piece of cardstock
One small circle of cardstock,  0.75" diameter.
Embroidery floss
Optional:  white copy paper, ribbon, small elastic band

Click here to download cutting files and optional scroll printable: Silhouette Studio, PDF, SVG
(how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space).
Files download for free. A huge thank you to the many readers who support my site with a small contribution when downloading.  Pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site.   Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

--Make the box and lid from the 6" and 6.5" pieces of card stock

Hand or machine cut squares and small circle.
Crease all score lines.

Assembly video

Alternate box construction method:  If  your paper is thin, you can use the (almost) "no measure" origami method.  Follow either of these links for instructions.
How-to Origami
Origami Instructions

Adhere the 3.5 piece of card stock to the lid of the box. Each corner of the lid should point to the center of one side of the small piece of card stock.

--Make a tassel from embroidery floss

Place a glue dot in the center top of the cap. Attach tassel.

Cover the glue dot with small card stock circle, on top of tassel.

--Optional scroll

Create your own on a piece of lightweight paper slightly larger than your currency (2.75" x 6.5") or print and cut out the provided printable.  Roll up paper and currency together and tie with a small ribbon. If you have a tiny rubber band (I used one from tooth braces) you can use that--with or without a ribbon.