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Library Thank You Card in a Box

I made several of these box greeting cards to thank my volunteers at my real-life library job.

The large window and boy reading on the window seat work perfectly for this type of pop up card.

library pop up card The Plant Sitter Margaret Bloy Graham

When the card is closed, you see a bouquet of roses, shelves of books, and a glimpse of the arched window.

box card closed The Plant Sitter Margaret Bloy Graham

This is the back of the closed card.

card in a box closed showing book shelves

The illustrations are by Margaret Bloy Graham, from The Plant Sitter.
The large yellow rose is a freebie from SVG cuts.

It took me about 4 hours of cutting, pasting, duplicating, stretching, and shrinking, to fill the card.

back of card in a box, book shelves

I make these box cards with an box-shaped interior strut.  See this post for details.

The boy reading a book is on the back cross piece.  The dog and piles of books are on the front cross piece.

illustration detail, boy reading book

box card strut construction detail