Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: How to Make Pop Up Card Boxes, Cut Separately {Throwback Thursday}

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May 21, 2015

How to Make Pop Up Card Boxes, Cut Separately {Throwback Thursday}

Welcome to Throwback Thursday week 4! Here is another updated post from the very beginning of Extreme Cards and Papercrafting.

How to Make Pop Up Cards Tutorial
This is Lesson 4 in a series of step by step tutorials on How to Make Pop Ups. 

Pop Up Boxes, Cut Separately

In the first three lessons all of the pop up mechanism were cut into the base card. This leaves a hole in the base card, and limits the appearance and shape of the pop up.

In these examples the pop up boxes are constructed from separate pieces of paper.

The assembly of the cards is self evident. Match a folded corner of your box to the center fold of the card and glue the box wherever it touches the base card.

You can add additional boxes to the first one, any place where you have a right angle.  Here, the front of the basket and the left-hand side of the (green) base card form another 90° angle.

box pop up cards

The picnic basket is glued in first, fitting the crease of the box into the crease of the card.  It is glued everywhere it touches the green card.  (It is not glued to the blue base!)

The soda carton is adhered to the front of the basket where the two touch, and to the green card.

Examples Box Pop Up Cards, Separately Cut Boxes


Craig Roberts said...

Thanks for all these tutorials. Really Appreciated.

Question: is the blue base folding downward in this example? Is there a way to get it to fold upward into the card without the boxes getting in the way?

Carol P said...

It's not attached to the basket side of the card, but only to the six-pack side. The card closes in the normal way, and then the blue part then folds UP on the outside back of the card.

More pictures on this post: http://www.extremepapercrafting.com/2008/03/picnic-pop-up.html

If you wanted it to fold to the inside, that triangle would form a large V fold. You would not be able to run any object ACROSS the center fold of that triangle, but you could position objects on either side. So the card I made would not work as constructed, because the basket crosses the center of the blue triangle.

Craig Roberts said...

Ah! Well, that makes perfect, simple sense - and never would've occurred to me as a possibility. Thanks for the quick reply. :)