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Crazy for You Valentine Paper Toy

This funny paper toy flails its arms up and down as you turn a crank on the back.

The rabbit paper craft toy used to be available for download from machintoy but the link is broken now. It is still up on the machintoy Flickr account, however.

I changed out the eyes and the spinning center to create a Valentine greeting. I also did not care for the large yellow words on the body, so I covered them up.

How to made the Crazy for You Paper Toy

Download the "large" size of the two conejo malgenio pages. Page one is here, and page two is here.

Download my modification pieces.

On my computer, in Photoshop Elements, the modification pieces are exactly the right size. This may not be true for you!

Cut and paste the modification pieces over the corresponding parts of the body piece in a photo editing program if you have one.

Size the pages as desired and print. I set mine to 200%.

If you did not modify the pages using an editing program, cut out the modification pieces and glue them over the corresponding parts of the toy.

Assemble the toy.

Here is my translation/explanation of the directions.


The top diagram is what it looks like when all the parts below are put together with the arms.

Cut out the circle sets and bar sets. Score, fold and glue the bars. Fold and glue the circles, and cut them out.

Now work on the arms under "MANOS."

Cut out arms, fold in half lengthwise and glue. Cut out circles on the arms.   Using the pieces from "mechanismo," start attaching the ends of the bars to the corresponding lettered spots on the circles. Be sure to thread the arm pieces onto B and C before gluing them to the circles.

Score, fold and roll bar E. Glue the side, then bend in a right angle and glue to itself within the bend.

Construct the body with the mechanism inside it.

Once the mechanism is inside the body of the toy, G adheres to the protruding end of A. F
enters the piece E. E is adhered to the end D.

The bottom diagram under "manos" says: when you're done after putting the mechanism in the body of the rabbit and attaching the caps it will look like this. When turning part E the arms will move.