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Twist Top Holly Box Tutorial

twist top box holly leaf

How to make a twist top holly treat box or candy box

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Cut and score.

twist top holly box Christmas

Mountain fold horizontal and vertical creases. Valley fold diagonal creases.

Curl box around and glue together at the vertical join. Do not glue the bottom yet.

twist top box construction

Crease all holly leaves firmly in half.
twist top box construction holly leaf

Close the box by collapsing each section, working around in a circle. If you are having trouble, check that your diagonal creases are still valley folded and your vertical creases are still mountain folded. I find that the folds on the last section tends to want to reverse as I work my way around collapsing the top.

twist top box construction

twist top box Christmas

Unfold each holly leaf.

Glue box bottom to bottom tabs.

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