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Acorn Box

acorn box

Here's what I'm working on right now: a slant-sided, hexagonal box with a lid. Someone on the Make-the-cut forum posted several acorn shaped boxes and wondered if anyone could draw up a template. So I took a stab at it!

I remembered a discussion on Splitcoast stampers awhile back and pulled up that box template to use as a starting point.

It's a pretty challenging box to put together. You can buy the one that provided the inspiration, by Jessica Wolf, at PaperAcorn. It has a much nicer lid than mine :0!

With a few changes to the top to make it more domed, and to the bottom to make it more squat, it can be a cupcake shaped box, too.

It's still in the prototype phase. Got to tweak the template here and there. Tutorial should be up this week.

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