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Hawaiian Quilt Block Cards

hawaiian quilt card
I wanted to make some kirigami cards inspired by Hawaiian quilt designs. I started looking at patterns and eventually stumbled upon a couple dingbat fonts at fontriver.
Dingbat fonts cut great on cutting machines--just type a "letter" on your page, resize and cut!
Many of the designs are simple enough to hand cut, too. Technically you could fold your paper into eighths to cut the designs, but I have to think that most paper would work better folded into fourths.
How to make a Hawaiian quilt design kirigami
Select a thinner paper, but one that will go through your printer. Size the font design as desired and print it on the back of your paper.
Lightly pencil fold lines: either corner to corner, both ways...
hawaiian quilt card
or from the center point of one side to the center point of the opposite side, both ways.
hawaiian quilt card
Fold the square into fourths.
hawaiian quilt card
Cut along the design, like cutting a snowflake.
hawaiian quilt card
Unfold. Don't worry if the cut lines don't follow the printed lines exactly on all the layers. That's why you printed on the BACK side!
hawaiian quilt card
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