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Opera House Christmas Ornament

newport opera house

Some time ago, like well over a year ago some time ago, my mother suggested making a fold-flat model of the Newport Opera House to sell as a Christmas ornament at a local holiday fundraiser. It didn't seem like it would be so hard. Except, I didn't have any close up pictures of the building, and I don't live close by.

{insert humming here}

Flash forward to this year, and I still hadn't made the thing although I fully intended to. Fine. Looked up some pictures. Made my mother go count how many windows there were on the sides. Started hacking away at it. Several more months went by. Sent my husband to take some pictures of the back of the building when we were visiting this summer.

I figure if I were trying to make money on this beast my hourly wage would be about 1 cent per hour for every ornament sold. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. Good thing I'm donating them!

{insert grumbling here}

After I made the first 20, I went back and looked at the pictures again and saw I had made the roof line too high. So that's fixed, but I guess it's a big oh well for whoever buys from the first batch. Hey, it's an ornament, not a scale model.

Which is why, when I look at things like this, I think, "Cripes, this guy is inSANE."

Here's what it looks like flat. The blue and red lines are non-printing, they are cut and score lines.

newport opera house layout

Completed, it's quite tiny, only 3.5" deep x 2" tall, and 2" tall (measured at the top of the roof--not including the clock tower.)

This is the bottom, which holds itself together without adhesive. I adapted it from a doughnut takeout box.

newport opera house

This one is not available for download, sorry.

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