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Halloween Pumpkin

mini light pumpkin

A brief digression into a non-paper craft....

My family enjoys having a different sort of carved pumpkin. We can't even come close to the artistry of these, but we try. Here are some of ours from the last few years.

carved pumpkins

We've had quite a number of chihuahua pumpkins!

This year we decided to break out the power drill and try something different.

mini light pumpkin

Easy as can be. I made the pattern by wrapping a wide strip of paper around the pumpkin to measure the size. Removed the paper and divided it into equal sections. With a little trial and error we discovered that 12 sections looked best on our pumpkin. We drew a wave on each 1/12th section of paper, and dots spaced along each wave section.


With the paper pattern taped to the pumpkin, we marked each dot with that little pokey thing that comes in a pumpkin carving kit.

We drilled a hole at each dot and pushed lights through from the inside. I was happy to donate a set of half-dead Christmas lights to the cause. My plan is to throw them away when we're done. I imagine they will be covered with ick. I cut a hatch at the bottom of the back of the pumpkin for the plug to come through.

One trick-or-treater's mom said it looked like a Lite Brite pumpkin. Yup.

mini light pumpkin
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