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Aug 2, 2010

Scallop Circle Flower

I came up with this design while trying to replicate Martha Stewart's water lily from her Occasions collection. It's not exactly the same, but it has the same feel.

scallop circle flower scallop circle flower

To make the pink flower I used an eight-petal flower from Juzudama, a dingbat font. To make the white one use Stampin' Up's scallop circle punch or an SVG file that mimics it. You can download the SVG from The Homegrown Art.

The dimension of the individual flower is the finished size of your flower. You can have any number of scallops around the circle, it doesn't matter.

scallop circle flower

How to make the scallop circle flower

Cut out 7 scalloped flowers by hand or use any scallop circle punch, like this one from Stampin' Up or this one from McGill.

Fold each flower in half, then in half again. Set one aside.

3d flower

3d flower

Now you will fold the remaining six flowers into a waterbomb base.

Fold the flower into eighths, but not by folding the entire thing in half again, it's too thick. Fold one loose layer back on itself, then flip the flower over and fold the other loose layer back on itself.

scallop circle flower

scallop circle flower

Unfold the creases of the circle until it's folded in half.

Holding the center point of the flower, push in and reverse fold the two sides.

scallop circle flower

scallop circle flower

scallop circle flower

scallop circle

The flower piece you set aside will be the flower base. (Ignore the extra creases on this one, I forgot and folded all seven the same.)

Glue 4 folded flowers to the base. Match centers and the edges of the folded flowers to the folds of the base flower.

scallop circle

scallop circle

scallop circle

Pick any two adjacent flowers from the four you just glued.

Glue the fifth flower on top of these two, matching the center of the fifth flower to the edges where the bottom two flowers meet.

scallop circle

scallop circle flower

The sixth flower is glued directly across from the fifth flower, point to point. Line its center line up with the edges where the flowers underneath it meet.

scallop circle flower

Pull the fifth and sixth flowers toward each other at the center of the flower, and glue them just along their center lines.

scallop circle flower

Fluff the petal and you're done.

scallop circle flower

As a bonus, you can fold this flower flat, so it would work in a pop up card!

scallop circle flower

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giddusadik said...

Hi! Please check out my blog! Theree is a new challenge with a little prize!



Crayola58 said...

Great great design. Love all those layers.

bernietom47 said...

Fantastic!!! Great tutorial. TFS
Hugs & Blessings

Kim said...

I'll have to try this one - it's lovely!

Jaime Nakahara said...

Hi, I don't think I ever thanked you for designing this after I emailed to ask you how I might replicate the Martha Stewart one. I used your tutorial to make all of the invitations to my daughter's naming day ceremony. They were lovely and it was all thanks to your generosity.


Carol P said...

Oh wow, that's great to know!