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Toile Étoile Favor Box

star box

Forgive my (probably completely wrong) French, but I couldn't resist.

This is an easy star box. I printed mine with a detail from a picture of wallpaper at Chateau de la Barre. I made the filigree pattern by repeating a dingbat from the Fleurons font.

How to make a star box

Download PDF or DXF. Print or send to cutting machine.

star box

Cut along outside edge only (black line).

Score internal lines (red).

Pre-crease all score lines by pinching along them with your fingers.

Fold over the three glue tabs, not including the large one with the curved cut-out.

star box

Apply adhesive to the glue tabs. Fold the piece at center line, match up edges, and adhere front and back together.

star box

Hold the star slightly open with one hand. Pop each of the five sides in by pushing down in the center of the side.

star box

The large tab remains unglued to allow you to open the box.