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Braided Cube

Another math papercraft.

The technical term for this is a "plaited polyhedron." Say that three times fast!

Print the PDF template or try the no measure way.

No-measure grid

Start with a square of paper. Fold in half, then in quarters, then in eighths. Now make folds the other way, in half, quarters, eighths. You get an 8 x 8 grid.

braided cube

Cut along the heavy black lines. (Why didn't we start with a 6 x 6 grid? Too hard to fold paper into thirds!)

braided cube

The first time you make this, put letter labels on the squares. Pay attention to upper/lower case, and the direction each letter is facing.

braided cube

Hold your paper with the blank square closest to you. Now it's time to braid. You will be braiding left over center, then right over center. Ready?

I have a strange obsession with map projections on polyhedra, so of course I had to try a globe on this cube.

braided cube earth