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Stars, and a few stripes

Is it really July already? Here are some quick star designs to whip up for (American) Independence Day, or just because!

Patriotic 3D Starflake

Follow the instructions from wikihow. In step 3 I made only two cuts instead of three. I used glue instead of staples to attach the units to each other.

patriotic 3d snowflake

Lucky Stars

I need to practice these a little more before I try to fill up a whole jar with them.

lucky stars

Five Pointed Origami Star
The secret is to start with a pentagonal shaped piece of paper. Folding instructions.
origami star

Spiky Star
I think these look like fireworks! Instructions here.
porcupine ball flower

Easy Star Spinner
Another idea from Canon. I cut my stars from assorted papers and card stock.
3d star

Star Ball
star globe

Download (PDF), print and cut out stars or create your own. You will need 12 stars.
star globe

Assembly is the same as the flower sphere.

star globe

star globe

Star Spinner
More about this design by Ramin Razani.
Ramin Razani spinner
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