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Jun 27, 2010

Scherensnitte Wedding Card

scherenschnitte wedding card

Wow, I caught some abuse for copping out on this card. My friend who got married was seriously disappointed with the lack of a pop up on the inside. In my defense, it was a long week...my daughter's birthday party, my other daughter's graduation, and my best friend's wedding (350 miles away) all in the same week. Yikes! So I guess I'll be making a second, consolation card for my friend, huh?

The cutting file for the front is here.

I cut the words with my Craft Robo and used the "negative" (the card stock left after cutting the words) as a glue stencil. I positioned the negative, spread glue in the holes and then put the words back in where they had been cut. While holding the words in place I carefully pulled away the negative, leaving the words positioned perfectly.

scherenschnitte wedding card

Ignore the smeary parts, I was just obscuring what I wrote in the card.

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Shoshi said...

That's gorgeous, Carol! Regarding the disappointment at the lack of a pop-up, some people are never satisfied lol lol!!! Trouble is, once you get a reputation for doing them, everyone expects it!!!!!

Love the tip of using the negative as a stencil for the glue. Clever stuff. Must make a note of that!

Hope you are having a good weekend.


wvcathy said...

I love this wedding card front - is this one of the designs that you would be able to convert to a svg file ?

What a interesting blog - so manhy good tips and ideas.


wvcathy said...

sorry forgot to click on email followup

cpeep said...

I don't have an SVG of this. Maybe someone else will make one? Volunteers anyone?