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Jun 19, 2010

Graduation Cap Money Holder Box

graduation cap money holder
How to make a quick and easy graduation money holder
United States paper money, rolled up, fits diagonally in the box. If the height of your currency is larger than 2.75" (about 7cm) you will need a larger box.
graduation cap money holder
You will need three square pieces of card stock for the cap. Mine were 6.5" (about 15.4cm), 6" (about 16.7cm) and 3.5" (about 9 cm).
Make a box with a lid from the larger two pieces of card stock.
Written directions are all over the Internet, so I won't re-invent the wheel. Here are just a couple..and a video. I do like to dab a little glue under all the flaps on the inside of the box and lid to hold them in place.
How-to Origami
Origami Instructions

Glue the smaller piece of card stock to the top of the box. Each corner of the box should point to the center of one side of the small piece of card stock.
graduation cap card
Make a tassel.
Place a glue dot in the center top of the cap. Attach tassel.
Cut a circle of card stock large enough to cover glue dot and attach on top of tassel.
Optional scroll
Cut a piece of lightweight paper slightly larger than your currency. Mine was 2.75" x 6.5". Print or write your sentiment on the paper. Roll up paper and currency together and tie with a small ribbon. If you have a tiny rubber band (I used one from tooth braces) you can use that--with or without a ribbon.
graduation cap card
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Shoshi said...

How cool is that, Carol? Love it! Any student would be thrilled to receive it, esp. if it had a money gift in it too!


Charlene said...

Very cool, project!! You are amazing!

Crayola58 said...

Now this is just flat out fantastic.

Nicole Rivera said...

That is SO NEAT! I love origami! OF COURSE I have NO graduates this year, but I will keep this post handy - it's bound to be useful soon!! Thanks for sharing!!

Myrna Marcano said...

Great idea !
Thanks for sharing.