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Father's Day at the Center of the Universe

father's day automata

It's not a pop up card, and it doesn't even fold flat. Good thing I didn't have to mail this Father's Day "card" which is really a papercraft model or automata.

When you turn the crank the universe revolves around Dad.

The parts came from Canon Creative Park. The bottom is the Ptolemaic system from here. The Dad part is from here.
The Dad printable needs to be reduced in size by 50%. You can just set your printer to do that, but I scanned it first, then opened it in Photoshop to change the hair color.

Putting your Father's Day papercraft together

Assemble the Ptolemaic system base, stopping after piece #16. Skip piece #17.

Use piece #18 as a pattern to cut a plain circle from card stock of your color choice. Glue substitute piece #18 to the post at the center of the universe.

Assemble the Dad model.

I glued the earth piece from the Ptolemaic system in his arms.

Glue Dad on the plain circle #18 at the center of the universe. Be sure he is facing toward you when the crank is on the right side (for right-handed Dads).

Create your sentiment text on coordinating paper and glue it to the base. I covered up the explanation of the Ptolemaic System. I also renamed it the "[Dad's last name]-ic" system and covered up the label on the front of the base.

father's day automata

Turn the crank!

Heck, I guess I should have used thicker card stock because it's a little deformed!

father's day automata
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