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Flower Sphere

flower globe

Here's one idea for using up scraps of beautiful paper. It's similar to a kusadama ball, which is a sphere made from multiple origami flowers.

These flowers, for instance, are cut from 3" squares.

Start with 8-petal flowers, like the ones used for the seven-flower pop up card. However, instead of cutting out one petal, cut out two. Overlap the cut edges and glue together to make 5-petal, cup shaped flowers.

Make 12 flowers.

Designate one flower as the "top." Mine is yellow. Select 5 flowers. Line up one petal of each to the five petals of the top flower. Glue.

You will see that one petal of each of the five flowers aligns with one petal of its neighbor. Glue these together where they meet.

flower globe

Assemble another set of 6 flowers in the same way. You now have two half globes.

Nestle one half in the other. Note how the flowers fit together, between the flowers of the other half, not symmetrically on top of each other.

In the next three pictures I am rotating the globe toward the back. First the top view.

flower globe

Here you can see how the top and bottom halves join. The orange flower is on the top half and the striped and pink flowers are on the bottom half.

flower globe

See how the orange flower fits between the two bottom flowers?

flower globe

Remove the top and spread glue on the bottom. (Some of these papers were two-sided, some were white on the back, that's why it looks so weird.) Replace top.

flower globe

Work around the ball making sure all the petals are aligned properly. I like to clip each pair to hold them in place until they dry.