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Retro Toy Shop Pop Up Card

toy shop pop up card

I'm just a few years too old to have enjoyed most of the classic Fisher Price toys on this pop up card.

{Sigh}. Is there anything sadder than being 12 or 13? You have to be too cool to play with toys, yet you still desperately yearn for all that tiny little stuff.

I believe my subconscious came up with this card for my friend Gael, who is writing a book about Generation X.

This card is built on a series of simple boxes. Cut on blue lines. Score, then mountain fold on green lines, valley fold on red lines.

toy shop pop up card

Download PDF template
Download GSD

Push the folds from the back. (This is the back view.)

toy shop pop up card

Attach stamped or printed images of your choice to the boxes. I'm thinking of making another card with pots of flowers or plants.