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Jan 24, 2010

Slotted Snowflake

Sometimes I find inspiration in unusual places. The template for this lacy snowflake came from the Phlat Printer forum. But it's ridiculously delicate when cut from paper rather than foam or wood.

slotted snowflake

I borrowed the slot design for a somewhat sturdier snowflake.

slotted snowflake

Unlike the sliceform version I made last week, this snowflake does not fold flat. The advantage of the slotted snowflake is that it doesn't have to hang. When set on a flat surface it doesn't collapse!

How to make a slotted snowflake

Download and cut out snowflake pieces.
DXF (resize to 8.5" x 11" if needed, and delete frame before cutting)

Lay out the two whole snowflakes and slide together the center slots.

slotted snowflake

slotted snowflake

Fold in the tabs on the half snowflakes. These tabs will be inserted through the rectangular slots on the one whole snowflake.

slotted snowflake

Here's the fun part.

Slot one half snowflake onto one whole snowflake.

slotted snowflake

Work the tabs through the slots. I use two pairs of tweezers to push from one side and grab from the other.

Unfold the tabs to lock the half snowflake in place.

slotted snowflake

Now slot the other snowflake half in place. Work the tabs through the same slots. This will probably take a couple tries as one side tends to pop out was you work the other side in. Unfold the tabs.

slotted snowflake

slotted snowflake

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