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Miniature Papier-mâché Eggs in a Nest

bur oak papier mache eggs

I gathered up a handful of these acorn caps way back in the fall, thinking they would make goofy hair for something. By the time I realized they would be better as nests, they had disappeared. Luckily I was able to scrounge up a few weathered specimens after our recent snow melted.

bur oak acorn nest

I think these are Bur Oak acorn caps. Supposedly the largest acorns in North America. I saw a picture of an acorn as big as the palm of someone's hand! Mine is not so big, as you can see.

acorn cap nest

I made the papier-mâché eggs from a bit of shredded newspaper ad, water, and white glue. The heart is ripped up red card stock. It only takes a tiny bit of paper to make these miniatures.

How to make it? Wet a small piece of paper. Shred it up between your fingers until it separates into fibers. Add a few drops of white glue and a little more water. You want it quite wet. Keep mushing it around and shaping it until you like what you see.