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Jan 16, 2010

Sliceform Snowflake

sliceform snowflake

JennieBean beat me to it, and so did S.A.R.

Nonetheless, here is my version of a sliceform snowflake.

The snowflake is from a dingbat font called WWFlakes by Angela Lane from Urban Fonts. (Clickable link removed at request of Urban Fonts.) I must have been channelling Jennie when I made this as we seem to have used the same basic snowflake shape! How strange is that?

How to assemble the sliceform snowflake

Download template and cut out snowflake pieces.




sliceform snowflake

Slot together pieces 1 and 2. The top slot of piece 1 fits into the little slot at the top of the center opening of piece 2. The bottom slot of piece 1 fits into the little slot at the bottom of the center opening of piece 2.

You will have to twist and turn and curl piece 1 as you slide it through the center opening of piece 2. Keep working it through until you can line up the slots.

sliceform snowflake

sliceform snowflake

When they are slotted together they look like this.

sliceform snowflake

After each piece is added, check to make sure you can collapse the snowflake completely flat.

sliceform snowflake

Add pieces 3a and 3b. This is the front view showing piece 3a after it was added.

sliceform snowflake

Slide the bottom slot of piece 3a into one top slot of piece 2. Add piece 3b to the other side of piece 2. In this picture 3a is already in place on the left. Piece 3b will slide into the slot with the arrow.

sliceform snowflake

Slip the hooks at the top of the slots of piece 2 through the hearts at the top of each piece 3.

sliceform snowflake

Add pieces 4a and 4b. (Center slot of piece 4 slides into side slot of piece 1. Side slots of piece 4 slide into side slots of pieces 3a and 3b.)

I usually start by sliding the centers together a little bit, than work in one side, then the other. Once all three slots are aligned, slide piece 4 into place.

sliceform snowflake

Slip the top hooks through the hearts as you did with pieces 3a and 3b.

sliceform snowflake

JennieBean's video showing how to assemble her snowflake.

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