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Oct 6, 2009

Pop Up Present Card

No glue or tape required!

present pop up card

This pop up present card was inspired by a Sizzix die design by Karen Burniston. I was intrigued by her use of tabs to fasten most of the pieces together. I decided to go one step further and eliminate all the adhesive in the design.

The Sizzix die is available here. Excellent assembly directions, too.

I started by drawing out a design similar to the die cut. If you'd like to try it, download the PDF, or DXF. For SVG you can choose from Craig's template, or Heather's.

pop up present template

Download the modified design with all tabs, no glue or tape, in PDF or DXF. No SVG. I don't do SVG well (unlike Craig and Heather).

pop up present template

How to assemble the adhesive-free pop up present

Cut out pieces along black lines, score along red lines. Cut slots.

Refer to Heather's directions. Assembling this model differs only in the attachment of the ribbon ends and the attachment of the box to the card.

present pop up card

Fold all the tab "wings" in.

Attach one side of the box top to the box sides by sliding the tabs through one set of slots
Slide bow pieces into slots on tops. Slide ribbon ends into slots. (Heather's directions use glue to attach ribbon ends.)

present pop up card

Attach the other side of the box top to the box sides.

present pop up card

Slot the box sides together.

present pop up card

present pop up card

Attach the completed box to the card.

Align the fold of the base card slot template and the fold of your card. Cut slots through your card.

present pop up card

present pop up card

Slide the bottom tabs of the present through the card base and unfold the tab wings.

present pop up card

Back side looks like this.

present pop up card

Partially open.

present pop up card

Fully open.

present pop up card
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Lynda J. White said...

Love it.

helen said...

You’ve solved my problem. I saw a pop up present on a web site. I made the template but I had a hard time taping the present on to the card. Thanks for the template.

surfingcat said...

thank you so much for sharing this, it's a great card!

Wendy said...

I'm a beginner at pop-up cards and had seen this design before in a picture. As there was no template I tried to make my own. I got the box part right but had trouble attaching the top, and my bow didn't fold right. Thank you for these great instructions and the awesome template!