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Oct 30, 2009

Acorn Sliceform and Oak Leaf Stand

How to assemble the acorn sliceform pop up
sliceform acorn

I cut my acorn from green paper and dabbed some brown ink on the top of each piece before assembly.

Download acorn and cut out pieces.

DXF page 1, DXF page 2
GSD page 1, GSD page 2
You will assemble the acorn from the center out.
Slide center slots of piece 1 (red) and piece 2 (blue) together. I put the top slots together, then push up the bottom of piece 2 a little, sliding all of piece 2 through the hole in piece 1. Once piece 2 is inside piece 1, I line up the bottom slots and slide them together.
acorn sliceform
Attach one piece 3 (green). Compress piece 3 enough to slide it through the center of piece 1. Slot the center of piece 3 into the next open slot of piece 1, top and bottom.
acorn sliceform
Turn acorn 180° and attach the other piece 3 to the other side of the acorn.
acorn sliceform
Attach pieces number 4 (orange), first one side, then the other.
Piece 4 is parallel to piece 1, and attaches across the tops of pieces 2 and 3. Put the top in first. It may take a bit of wiggling to get all the bottom slots put together.
acorn sliceform
acorn sliceform
Attach piece 5 (red), front and back. It becomes more and more challenging to get the bottom slots to go together without ripping anything. I usually work right-to-left (or left-to-right), one slot at a time across piece 5, rather than putting the center slot together first. You will have to curl and twist the pieces.
sliceform acorn
Attach piece 6 (blue), front and back.
sliceform acorn
There are four of piece 7, all the same. Start at any side. All four attach in the same manner.
Slide piece 7 through the slot of piece 1 (or piece 2, depending on which side you are on).
sliceform acorn
Line up and slot together the center slots.
sliceform acorn
Now slide one side of piece 7 through one side slot. (Sliding through the left side, here). Wiggle it through and slot top and bottom.
acorn sliceform
Hook the very last slots together.
acorn sliceform
Slide the other side of piece 7 through the other side slot. Hook together on this side.
acorn sliceform
Next post, how to make the oak leaf stand.
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queeneee said...

AWESOME!!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Inna (Crafts, Kids, Quilling) said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Taste it -you know you want to, at luxurycardstore.com said...

I just love your sliceforms! It would be great if you are able to publish a .wpc (Pazzles) file.

cpeep said...

I'm not at all familiar with the Pazzles machine. I assume it has its own propietary software?

Anyone have the technology to convert DXF to WPC? I'm happy to add a link to your site if you convert any of my files.

cpeep said...

that would be "proprietary" :0

Taste it -you know you want to, at luxurycardstore.com said...

A Pazzles is a cumputerized paper cutter that works the same way as a Klic and cut, Craft Robo, Wishblade,and/or a Cricut. It ust uses a different file format .wpc

cpeep said...

Let me rephrase that...I'm not familiar with Pazzles software, and how easy it is to convert in and out or it.