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Nov 4, 2009

Oak Leaf Stand for Acorn Sliceform

How to assemble the oak leaf stand

I cut the stand from orange paper and dabbed some brown and green ink on the leaves.

Download oak leaf stand and cut out.
Oakleaf PDF
Oakleaf DXF
Oakleaf GSD

Create bottom triangle creases by folding each leaf up and toward the center.

Create creases at top lip of "bowl" by folding each leaf down and toward the outside.

Create creases on sides by pinching each leaf at the lip of the bowl, in the center of the leaf.

Crease tabs. Glue tabs to sides at each corner. At each corner one tab will be on the outside, and one on the inside. If you prefer, you can cut off one tab.

Balance acorn in stand.
sliceform acorn
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Whimcees said...


This is SO cool! I have just printed the templates and am going to try to make a set today!

You are an amazing paper artist!

Barbara Diane

Lynne said...

OMgosh this is cute! Do you mail this to someone or just enjoy it yourself?

cpeep said...

I have it on my computer at work. The stand isn't mailable, it doesn't fold flat :(