Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Building a Better Pop Up Cake: Part 5

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Aug 27, 2009

Building a Better Pop Up Cake: Part 5

pop up cake
How to add slots to any pop up cake design
If you have the Sizzix pop up cake die and want to add a little extra pull to it, you can modify the design by adding slots.
If you have not been following along, you should read Part 1 and Part 2 first.
How and where to add slots to pre-cut cake pieces
Pre-fold each cake tier in half, legs together. Unfold the larger tier.
pop up cake
Lay the larger tier on the table. Line up a ruler with the legs and draw two guidelines across the tier.
pop up cake
pop up cake
Lay the smaller tier on top of the larger tier, aligning center folds and legs.
pop up cake
Holding the tiers in place, push the legs of the smaller tier to the left, out of the way.
pop up cake
Pencil on the larger tier where the leg foldine of the smaller tier lies. It should be between the guidelines you drew.
pop up cake
Flip smaller tier over, aligning centers and pushing legs to the right. Mark the other side slot.
pop up cake
The larger tier will look like this. Notice the slots are the same height as the legs. The width between the slots is the width of the smaller tier.
pop up cake
Cut the slots and assemble as described in Building a Better Pop Up Cake: Part 2.


Whimcees said...


I am humbled by your talent! Thank you for sharing!

Wishing you a great day today!

Barbara Diane

craftaddict said...

Fantstic in depth tutorial, thanks for sharing.