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Building a Better Pop Up Cake: Part 4

Floating Tabletop Pop Up Cake Without Slots
Assuming you have been following along, you have seen a center post cake with slots and a floating tabletop cake with slots.
Here is another way to assemble the floating tabletop cake. Try it and see which you prefer.
Prepare cake pieces
Download the cake files (PDF, Silhouette Studio, DXF) and use the "floating tabletop glued" files. If you are printing from the PDF, print on the wrong side of your paper.
As described in the previous post, glue together the leg segments. Let dry.
Score all fold lines. Cut out the cake tiers. Precrease the cake tops across the centers and all leg segments.

Or download an SVG designed by Craig and cut.
Score and precrease all fold lines.

Assemble the tiers
Each tier is put together like the basic floating tabletop mechanism, except the tabletop (the cake tier) is already attached.
Bend each leg as shown to make a little box on the wrong side of the cake tier.

Glue the leg to the underside of the cake tier.

Use double sided tape to attach each set of legs together in the center where they touch.

Attach tiers to each other
Fold each tier in half, right sides together, along the center line that you precreased. The boxes on the underside will collapse and make a post.
Each post will be glued to the next larger tier.
In these pictures I have already glued the smallest tier to the middle tier. The tiers are all glued in the same way so I'm sure you can figure it out!

Open out the larger tier. You are going to glue the smaller tier right down the middle of the larger tier, aligned with the box/post of the larger tier. On mine I can see the shadow through the larger tier. I like to mark light guidelines on the right side of the larger tier.

When you look at the visible part of the leg post, you see it consists of two segments with a crease in the center. Apply glue to the leg segment at the end of the post of the smaller tier. Do not put glue on the other leg segment--the one adjoining the top of the tier--that is going to be the side of the cake.

Adhere, pushing the post of the smaller tier firmly into the fold of the larger tier.

Put a weight on it and let it dry.
Attach the next tier in the same way.

Attach the cake framework to your base card in exactly the same way, pushing the post of the cake firmly into the fold of the card. Let dry.
Finish the cake, attaching the sides as shown in Building a Better Pop Up Cake: Part 2.