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Piano Keyboard Pop Up Card

A piano keyboard is not too hard to make. It's based on the simple box mechanism.

As is usual in origamic architecture designs, cut lines run vertically and fold lines run horizontally.

I made this as a thank you card. The striped paper was cut to fit around the keyboard.

piano pop up card

piano pop up card

The design is not mine. There are any number of variations around the web. I did draw my own template, however.

Shelley shared SVG and SCUT files that she made.

Or print from the picture, below.

piano pop up card

Red lines=valley fold. Green lines=mountain fold. Blue lines=cut.

Too complicated? For an easier design with less cutting, try this design instead.

I borrowed much of my design from Marivi Garrido.

There are any number of variations on the theme: calendar piano by d-cecil; one from Unique Projects; this one by Gerry Stormer; and this from Snugart;