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Jun 23, 2009

Birthday Cake Pop Up Card

Yesterday Nick Eng sent me his take on the pop up birthday cake card.

Here's the one I made....

I added his card to the original post, but since that was way back in February 2008, I wanted to pop his card up to the top of the blog and show it off. His recipient loves dogs, can you tell? He says not only do the candles pop up, but the tongue sticks out as the card opens. LOVE IT!


Elli said...


Molly said...

Very cute!

Jane Asher said...

Fun activity for all involved, including the recipient!

Crayola58 said...

Cute cute cute...

Lynda J. White said...

The cake with the added dog gives me a new way to look at this pop-up.

yup said...

dumb question, but how do you make the tongue pop out on the dog (rabbit?)

cpeep said...

I don't know how far the tongue pops out (it's not my design).

It may be like a beak, so the tongue would actually stick out more as the card CLOSED.
See beak examples here:
The nose would be the top part of the beak, the tongue the bottom, just moved closer together.

You could attach the tongue to a v fold like the flag in this lesson:

Or you could use a double v fold, which is what makes the candles pop up. Make a smaller version, turn it upside down and substitute a tongue for the candles :)