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Yacht Father's Day Pop Up Card

It took a long, long time, but I finally came up with the joke to go along with this pop up card.
father's day pop up card
Don't worry, I already mailed the card, and frankly, the likelihood of my dad reading my blog is close to zero, anyway. So no secrets are being revealed.

On the envelope I put a picture of Bugs Bunny with the caption, "I knew I shoulda took that left turn at Albuquerque." The old joke about men and directions, you know. Which also answers the inevitable question, "Why am I rowing in FRANCE, for Pete's sake?"

On the card front is the dream boat.

I made the inside of the card way back in March (instructions).
father's day pop up card
On the green part of the inside I stuck this:
father's day pop up card

No picture of the completed card. I finished it and rushed it to the mailbox on the 12th, because I thought it was the 19th. A bit calendar challenged?
Check out the one made by Karma at Crazy Cricut Cutz. Her punch line is even better.
I heard back that my dad's response when he read the card was, "Dem's not 'oars, dem's LADIES!" Ooooph.