Plain and Simple Sliceform Egg

Just in time for Easter.

This sliceform egg locks together--none of the slices will slide out even if you hold it upside down and shake it!

sliceform egg

You do have to twist and turn some of the slices to slide them together, so the construction is not absolutely simple-simple, but you can handle it!

How to make a Sliceform Egg

Download file set: Silhouette Studio, SVG (how to use my files in Cricut Design Space), PDF (for hand cutting).

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

--Cut 1 each of Large A and Large B.
--Cut 2 each of Medium A and Medium B.
--Cut 4 of the smallest egg shapes.

I ran my pieces through the Cuttlebug to add the embossed circle texture.

Begin with Large A and Large B.

Optional: If you wish the egg to stand on a table, trim a flat bottom. Square off the bottom of Large B (blue), between the middle slots. Lay Large B on top of Large A (green) and trim Large A to match.

Begin assembly.
Slide together the center slots of Large A and Large B.

Add Medium B on each side of Large A, sliding the center slot of Medium B onto the next empty slot of Large A.

Top view after both Medium B pieces have been added.

Slide together the middle slot of Medium A (green) to the next empty slot of Large B (blue).

Rotate Medium A to the left. Slide the right side slot of Medium A to the next empty slot of the right-hand Medium B.

Rotate to the right and slide together the left side slot of Medium A to the next empty slot of the left-hand Medium B.

Repeat for the other Medium A.

Finally, add the small slices.

Slide center slot of a Small onto last empty slot of Large B (blue).

Rotate one way, then the other, and attach to the Medium Bs.

Right side attached.

Left side attached.

Add the other Smalls the same way.


Fold flat to store.

Here's what Angela made...

Here's one for sale that looks remarkably like mine (check the arrangement of the slots).


  1. I hated the directions. Poorly written and could have been in more depth. As well as the eggs not being labeled in the first picture, confusion spurred off of confusion.It made no sense where you wanted the slits to by step four. Don't say nearest give me slit one or slit two, for example leaving me with a wrinkly egg. Please consider redoing these steps they are literally the only ones on the Internet.

  2. Sure, I'll get right on rewriting these free instructions for this free pattern, from 11 years ago, since you asked so nicely.

  3. Mj you dont gotta be such a jerk about it. Carol, I can't open the document. Could you please email it to me or something. I have a school project due tomorrow and this is the only instructions I can find on the internet.

  4. Updated download link. It should work now. (These old files were on an old server.)


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