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Put All Your Puppies in One Basket

sliceform easter basket
For the last week or so I've been working out an Easter basket sliceform. I made a prototype with a prosaic looking bunny and a bunch of eggs in it (yawn).

I took it into work to show my co-worker who has five (count them, 5) dogs. I don't remember when the *boing* moment came, but the next thing I knew, I was thinking I really needed to put all her dogs in one basket.

Agreeably, she went home for lunch and came back with photos on her phone. So this design is dedicated to Ellie Mae, Rolland, Stanley, Petey, and Maxwell!

How To Make the Easter basket sliceform
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Cut pieces.

Arrange the contents of your basket to fit on the basket contents template. I designed my basket completely digitally, laying the template on top of my picture as I worked, then removing it before printing. If you prefer, you can glue directly onto the template.

On the bottom of the template (the part with the slots) you should keep your design within the width of the template. Most of this will not be very visible. On mine it's all grass pattern.

On the top (the curved part) do not make your design any taller than the template or it won't fit below the handle. You can make a wider design as I did, but you will need to extend the slots upward. The slots will show a bit in the finished design. (On mine the slot runs through Elly Mae's foot).

And yes, I messed it up the first time. Poor Rolland was too far over to the left and the slot cut right through his little head.

Assemble the basket

This sliceform is a little tricky because the slots are angled. Pieces tend to come unattached as you're adding other pieces. As I work I keeping turning the piece and re-seating anything that's coming apart.

1.Contents and inside sides

Fold up the bottom tabs on the contents (shown as a plain purple piece).

Angle the top tab through the center slot of the inside side (yellow), then slide the folded-up bottom tab through. Unfold the bottom tab.

Repeat for the other inside side.

2. Handle piece front and back

You will slide the inner slots of the handle piece (green) and the inner slots of the inside sides (yellow) together. The inner slots are the ones closest to the middle of the piece.

Slide one end of the handle piece onto one inside side piece, then the other end onto the other inside side piece.

Repeat for the other handle piece.

Important! The slots under the bows at the top of the two handle piece must point in opposite directions!

3. Outside side pieces 

Fold up bottom tabs on outside side pieces (purple).

Slide the outside side pieces onto handle (green) pieces: slotting the inner slot of the outside side onto the outer slot of the handle.

Repeat for other side.

4. Outside front and back pieces

Starting on one side, slide the top tab of the outside side piece (purple) through the outer slot of the front piece (blue).

Push the folded-up tab through the slot and unfold.

Work across the piece. In the pictures I am working right-to-left. Slot together the inner slots of the front (blue) and the outer slots of the inside side piece (yellow).

Now the other inner slot of the front and the outer slot of the other inside side piece (yellow).

Finally, attach second outside side piece (purple) as you did the first one, by inserting the top tab first, then pushing through the folded-up tab.

Slot together the outside back piece (blue) the same as the front.

5.Create bow

Crease each bow where it joins the handle.

Slot the bow pieces together.

sliceform basket
sliceform easter basket with dogs

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