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Naked Mole Rat Magic Picture Card

Nake Mole Rat? This one? Is this an April Fool's joke? No, wait, that's tomorrow.

Naked mole rat zoo cam
or this one?

Naaah, it's a new book by Mo Willems.
Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Actually, it's a little joke for a co-worker. Take my word for it, you just had to be there (and even then it wasn't that funny).
I mostly followed the tutorial for the magic picture from Splitcoast Stampers, except a couple places I messed up and had to improvise!
Closed position.
changing picture slider card
Pull the tab at the top and like magic the picture changes!
changing picture slider card
The inside.
naked mole rat card inside
You have to admit, he's kind of cute.
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