Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: How to Make Pop Up Cards - Box Variations - Lesson 4

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May 25, 2008

How to Make Pop Up Cards - Box Variations - Lesson 4

Pop Up Box Variations

This post has been revised.  Read the updated post here.

(in which the pop up mechanism is cut from a separate piece of paper)

How to Make Pop Up Cards, Tutorial Level of difficulty: Medium

So far all of our pop up mechanisms have been cut from our base card. Besides leaving a hole in the card, it limits the appearance and shape of the pop ups that can be cut. A box can be constructed entirely from another piece of paper, or it can use the base card for some of the sides.


Picnic Basket
The box is the design element--nothing is glued over it. Cutting the box (picnic basket) from a separate piece of card stock allowed the use of brown card stock. The 6-pack of soda is another box cut from separate paper.

summer pop up cards

Dragonfly by Mary Beth Cryan
The body of the dragonfly is a long, low box.

Complete photos and tutorial on her site.

Wine Bucket by Hiroko
Printable pattern available on Canon site.
This box variation has 6 sides rather than 4, 2 of which are the base card.

Valita's Designs & Fresh Folds: Bee's on a pop up card. Moving the box so that one side is on the fold, and shrinking the height of the side to nothing makes the "box" a triangle. The "pop" is created with a pull tab on this one. Very clever!