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Baby It's Covid Outside

In 2020 we were home for Christmas.  Not still in lockdown, but not going out. We still sent a funny handmade Christmas card,  like every year since 1989.

The theme of this year's pop up Extreme Christmas Card is Baby It's Covid Outside. 

In the closed position of the 3D card you are looking in the window from the outside. 

In the open position of the pull tab card you are looking out the window at the snowy and Covid-y outside. The "snowflakes" are viruses. 

The curtains are made from adhesive velvet paper--the kind that is used to line jewelry boxes.

This card design mechanism is called a theater card.  

When you pull the side tabs, the card pops to the back to form the inset window.

Index of 30 years of Extreme Christmas Cards.